Half-day Library Visit Tour 2: DIAS and RDS


Libraries: DIAS School of Celtic Studies and RDS Library

Type of Library: special

Total Distance Return Trip: 11 km

Meeting Point: Convention Centre Dublin

Price per person: € 13

Head south of the city for some of Ireland’s special libraries. Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies is a global institution that attracts scholars and academics from around the world, and is the world’s second, and Ireland’s only, Institute for Advanced Studies. It conducts and publishes advanced research across three disciplines: Celtic Studies, Theoretical Physics and Cosmic Physics. The School of Celtic Studies is dedicated to the study of Irish and the other Celtic languages, both written and spoken, throughout their history, as well as related areas of cultural, social and legal history. The library of the School of Celtic Studies aims to provide the best facilities and materials for the purpose of advanced research in the area of Celtic Studies.

The Royal Dublin Society, one of the world’s oldest philanthropic organisations was established to see Ireland thrive culturally and economically. The RDS Library & Archives was established with the founding of the Dublin Society in 1731. Its most prestigious and representative collections were used to set up the National Library of Ireland in the 1870s. The RDS Library has a specific interest in the RDS foundation areas of art, agriculture, science and industry. Its collections reflect these interests and publications of institutions and individuals associated with these endeavours. The collections consist of over 100,000 volumes including 4,000 relating to Ireland, many of them old and rare.