Poster Sessions

Poster presentations are scheduled for two, two-hour intervals between 12:00 and 14:00 on Monday 17 and Tuesday 18 August 2020.

Presenters of a poster will be expected to be present on Monday 17 and Tuesday 18 August 2020 in order to explain their poster and to hand out any leaflets, or other information materials, they have available for viewers of their poster. Each presenter can therefore only present one poster.

Best IFLA Poster 2020

At the congress the jury will view all posters and select the winner of the Best IFLA Poster 2020 based on the evaluation criteria outlined above. The winner will be announced at the Closing Ceremony.

Note: The titles below will be numbered by the end of June. These numbers will refer to actual board numbers in the Exhibition Area at Convention Centre Dublin (CCD).


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Music makes me feel: listening exercise [1] Aapo Ruuttunen
[2] Sanna Keralampi
Wikipedia, libraries, high-schools and museums connected around MIL and Knowledge Commons [1] Elsie Russier France
Wellness for Librarians [1] Raymond Pun
[2] Loida Garcia-Febo
United States
We are the same [1] Md Hanif Junoh
[2] Ruslan Ludin
[3] Wan Fairuzliza Wan Kadir
[4] Nurulaidal Ab. Ghoni
[5] Muhamad Kamil Naimi
VR @ Library [1] Afzan Mohamed Malaysia
Using Library Digital Resources for Promoting School Reading Education– the Case of Taiwan Memory Platform of NCL [1] Yi-rong Director Lee
[2] Ching-ju Cheng
Taiwan, China
Unlocking the potentials of the girl-child: a public library and a non governmental organisation connect [1] S. Udeze Nkechi
[2] Okeoma C. Ezechukwu
[3] Ngozi P. Osuchukwu
Unique connections : new libraries in Qatar [1] Susan Parker-Leavy
[2] Rana A. Abdulrahman
Underwater theme children area @Sabah State Library, Tanjung Aru Branch, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah [1] Antonia P. Sani
[2] Dg Salwah Pg Abdul Razak
UK Web Archive [1] Helena Byrne United Kingdom
Turn your obstacle into opportunities [1] Muhaisham Ibrahim
[2] Mohd Zainal Mohd Hassan
[3] Norrinal Othman
Travel, Teach, Learn, Support: Librarians without Borders (LWB) Guatemala Program [1] Cate Carlyle
[2] Debbie Chavez
Canada & United States
Transforming the Academic Library Landscape: Open Access in Academic Libraries in Central and Eastern Europe [1] Esther Momand United States
Traditional children’s stories for a common future (TRACE): cooperation between library, school, NGOs and university [1] Frida Bišćan
[2] Karolina Holub
Trade unions supporting library workers to inspire, engage, enable and connect [1] Ellen Ovenstad
[2] May-Britt Sundli
Let the library Space Speak [1] Yun He
[2] Huimin Luo
The Yellow Apron Hashtag Challenge, the ASEAN-ROK SNS Reading Campaign [1] Minjin Choi South Korea
THE WORLD LIBRARY – read and listen in your own language [1] Nina Marie Olsson
[2] Sebastian Tarazona
The role of the library in rural life [1] İdil Ayhan Turkey
The role of business school librarians in the local economy through the community service: case of CESAG in Senegal [1] Fatou Diop Senegal
The Power of Stories – Transformative Evaluation, a new narrative approach and tool for libraries to assess their impact [1] Paivi Grondahl
[2] Heli Kolehmainen
The place where people can live [1] Bibigul Shagiyeva
[2] Saule Shingaliyeva
[3] Nurgul Kudaibergenova
The Makerspace toolboxes of Bibliomedia [1] Franziska Baetcke Switzerland
The Library and the community [1] Sueli Motta
[2] Sueli Ruprecht
The Librarian on Bicycle [1] Hakan Yucel Turkey
The green Tower [1] Mohamed El Ferrane Morocco
The Global Impact of Academic Libraries [1] Alison Shea
[2] Amelia Kallaher
[3] Gregory Green
United States
The European Book Club of Tel Aviv: intercultural dialog in the frame of EUNIC Israel [1] Marietta Sander Israel
The Digital Map of Arab Libraries and Information Centers: arlibs-DigiMap Definition, Goals and Advantages [1] Imen Aloui Tunisia
The Bibliotherapeutic service at the Luye Township Library in Taiwan [1] Hung-Ting Pan
[2] Rui-Lian Zheng
Taiwan, China
The awesome ways big data is used today to change our services @ Penang Public Library Corporation [1] Syariful Nahar Mat Saad
[2] Sharimah Salleh
Taipei Public Library and Convenience Stores – Establishing a Win-Win Partnership [1] Shih-chang Horng Taiwan, China
Supporting dyslexic students in academic libraries [1] Mathias Badin
[2] Clément Devilliers
[3] Sofiane Mouas
Space Design of a Public Library based on living SOC Project of South Korea [1] Jee Hyun Rho South Korea
Source Evaluation and Library Instruction in Undergraduate Writing Courses: Evidence of Student Reasoning from the Field [1] Jo Angela Oehrli United States
Social Responsibility of Library Science in Transforming Society: German Public Libraries and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) [1] Nathalice Bezerra Cardoso Brazil
SMART-library = SMART-librarians + SMART-readers. Anna Akhmatova`s Moscow SMART-library presents [1] Olga Orlova
[2] Vladimir Kosarevskij
Russian Federation
Smart shelf: connected stacks [1] Muhammad Nooramin Bin Mohd Hassan
[2] Faridzah Binti Jaafar
[3] Zulaiha Binti Ahmad
Smart Selangor i-Station: Creating Value Through Technology [1] Haiziah Abu
[2] Rufandy Shamsudin
[3] Basli Shaari
[4] Muhamad Syazwan Norasid
Smart library concept for all: the case study of NLT Smart Library [1] Amphika Nanthikanjana Thailand
SisEB: a network of living libraries [1] Giovanna Sant’Ana
[2] Pierre Ruprecht
Sharing Practice Experiences & Professional Knowledge of Library Management —— A National MOOC Course from Sun Yat-sen University, China [1] Jiaqin Liu China
Shared Heritage : a digital unification project [1] Anaïs Basse France
Services design process at the ADA University Library [1] Vafa Mammadova Azerbaijan
Secrets of successful partnership for Library Innovation: A game of strategy [1] Ramune Petuchovaite
[2] Ugne Lipeikaite
[3] Susan Schnuer
School library supports STE(A)M [1] Rendulić Ana Croatia
Robots @ Public Library in Taiwan [1] Chia-Hsun Tsai Taiwan, China
Reading competition “Berimo z Rovko Črkolovko” – “Let’s Read with the Letterhunting Shrew” [1] Urska Bonin
[2] Luana Malec
Reaching out to distance learners. Library outreach and services in non-synchronous environment [1] Maria Deptula United States
Questioning gender stereotypes in school libraries for children aged 10-15 [1] Jeanne Neyroud
[2] Faustine Verney
[3] Lucie Delaunay
[4] Emilienne Boudet
Quality of Library Services at Slovenian Public Universities [1] Petrusa Miholic Slovenia
Public Private Partnership and Non-Profit sector playing significant Role to uplift education from upper level to grass root level: HANDS Pakistan Education and Literacy Program [1] Naheed Rahim Pakistan
Prose & Poetry Recitation Contest of the Blind: Libraries Collaborate to Promote Social Inclusion [1] Yiping Li
[2] Kewen Guo
[3] Jichang Geng
Promoting early literacy through ‘fun reading’ in children’s department in South-East Nigeria [1] Chinedu Cosy Omenugha Nigeria
Project on Library Literacy Improvement for Children and Teenagers –Project Management Enhances the Efficiency of Service in Hangzhou Public Library,China [1] Zhining Huang China
Preserving world historical memory through the international projects of the Presidential library [1] Valeriia Eresova Russian Federation
Practice of “Science Mum; Science Dad” Inspires Children’s Spirit of Scientific Exploration ——the Popular Science Reading Promotion of Guangdong Science and Technology Library in China [1] Zhiping Peng
[2] Dongyuan Wei
Policy information that make people’s lives more abundant – collect, connect and share [1] Hyunah Choi South Korea
PlayFarm @ Library [1] Afzan Mohamed
[2] Azli Jajuli
Pahang Library’s Intellectual Heritage Centre [1] Muhammad Nooramin Bin Mohd Hassan
[2] Faridzah Binti Jaafar
[3] Zulaiha Binti Ahmad
[4] Tuan Khairul Azhar Bin Tuan Kuning
Our promise to our city – telling the stories [1] Louise LaHatte New Zealand
Our Magical Tree [1] Ahmed Aldulaimi Iraq
Open Educational Resources (OERS) for Digital Research Skills: Sharing our Experience of Blended Learning [1] Claire McGuinness
[2] Crystal Fulton
One Month One Book [1] Chunmei Lu
[2] Yanhong Zhai
Old photographs make the home region alive [1] Heikki Lahnaoja Finland
Nonviolent Communication as a Tool for Diversity Training for Library Staff [1] Leslie Kuoy Germany
No Rural Area is Too Far to Reach [1] Xiao-Dong Liu
[2] Li Zhang
[3] Yu-Chu Liu
No borders in the library [1] Ayfer Içöz Turkey
Nilam program; empowering reading culture among school children [1] Norafidah Muhamad Wirsat
[2] Sannyza Abdul Rahim
[3] Saliza Rahman
[4] Zahir Yahaya
New vistas for inostranka: Foresight session in modern library [1] Mikhail Shepel Russian Federation
New Take on Children’s Collections: Engage and Connect with Students with Dyslexia [1] Marina Morgan United States
New Professional SIG: 15 years of inspiring [1] Marija Simunovic
[2] Paria Tajallipour
[3] Magdalena Gomułka
[4] Elizabeth Wangari Mwangi
[5] Andrés Reinoso
United States,
Kenya &
New opportunities to connect people with disabilities in public libraries : the case of tactile books in Uccle’s (Brussels, B.) collections [1] Stéphanie Van Wayenberge Belgium
New Generation Libraries: from EGOsystems to ECOsystems [1] Anastasia Dyatlovskaya
[2] Tamara Ananova
Russian Federation
New features of University’s Digital Library [1] Kazutoshi Fujikawa Japan
National Library Week of Lithuania – Voice of Libraries [1] Dovilė Ivanovienė Lithuania
National Family Literacy Strategy of Quebec Public Library Association [1] Eve Lagacé Canada
National Campaign “I Wish to Read, Too!” 2016-2020 : visibility and dissemination of project activities [1] Dunja Marija Gabriel
[2] Amelia Kovacevic
[3] Zeljka Miscin
Modelling the Library Space to Inspire, Engage and Connect Users in a Nigerian University [1] Fehintola Nike Onifade
[2] Bosede Olutoyin Akintola
[3] Bosede Adebimpe Ajiboye
[4] Fauziyah Nihinlola Adenekan
Moby is the spice of life [1] Syariful Nahar Mat Saad
[2] Sharimah Salleh
Mobile Library on the Roads İzmir’s “Accessing to the Information” Ecosystem [1] Asuman Nesibe Özdil
[2] Pinar Ayaz Koçer
MBSA Book Exchange Centre @Setia Alam [1] Asmah Mohd Zin
[2] Rafida Abdul Rahman
[3] Jazlan Hamsan
Managing Remote Workers: Unique Techniques to Manage Staff Providing Unique Services [1] Sarah Sogigian United States
Making Connections: Makerspaces Connecting Students, Faculty, Libraries and Community Partners [1] Cherie Bronkars United States
Library of Ural gems: a place to reveal the patron’s creative and intellectual abilities [1] Natalya Tusheva Russian Federation
Library in Correctional Centre: Empowering Inmates with Knowledge and Education [1] Mohamed Aizammuddy Mohamed Idris
[2] Suhaimi Sarijan
[3] Nurul Hidayah Che’ Man
Library currency project as an innovative idea in school libraries [1] Saeed Khalidn Bahrain
Library at the head : OmaKirjasto. Innovative web service platform and support for elderly [1] Tarja Rajala
[2] Olli Hirvonen
Libraries NI: One Country One Public Library Service [1] Adrienne Adair Northern Ireland,
United Kingdom
Libraries in the World of People and Culture [1] Ekaterina A. Shibaeva Russian Federation
Libraries in Sites of Memory and the AGGB (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Gedenkstättenbibliotheken): advances, challenges and proposals for libraries and Documentation Centers in Brazil [1] Patricia Cristina Rodrigues de Oliveira Brazil
Libraries in Catholic Universities: Unanticipated Sites for Interreligious Dialogue and Conflict [1] Jean Zanoni
[2] William Welburn
[3] Janice Welburn
United States
Libraries and the Growing Global Multiracial Movement [1] Alexandra Rivera United States
Leveraging Yale’s Visual Resource Collection using PixPlot [1] Tess Colwell United States
Let’s Share The Blessings [1] Grace Dingin Malaysia
Let’s read each other. The new cultural project of Trieste Municipal Library and Literary Museum [1] Pasqualis Simonetta Italy
Let’s read: promoting literacy skills among young adults and other target groups to make life more meaningful for our citizens [1] Sanna Hernelahti
[2] Jaana Rantala
Let’s preserve together! [1] Mariia Kolpakova Russian Federation
Lead by Library: Book-Restart from librarians, medical staffs, and childcare partnerships [1] Lin Miao-Jie
[2] Wang Yu-Ting
[3] Lai Pei-Chia
It’s Your Right to Be You [1] Christer Edeholt Sweden
It Seems History is to Blame’ [1] Helen McGonagle Ireland
Internet of Things: Challenges & Opportunity in University Libraries enable and connect library users [1] Muahmmad Yousuf Ali
[2] Rubina Bhatti
Inspire, enliven and share the joy of reading by offering aural, visual, bodily and competitive elements concerning reading aloud – the libraries sharing info about reading and bracing families with children in joint project [1] Leena Toivonen
[2] Heidi Hosio
[3] Minna Edgren
Inspire and Engage – How to build effective system of the workplace learning in your library? 5 lifehucks from CPDWL we used in Russia. Connect and Enable – 5 steps to make wide spread and implementing on the national level of the IFLA document! [1] Svetlana Gorokhova
[2] Daria Beliakova
Russian Federation
Innovating Smarter: Using Assessment to Tell Stories of Impact [1] Katy O’Neill
[2] Barbara Preece
United States
Information Recycle @ School Library [1] Yahya Farid Kamaluddin
[2] Syariful Nahar Mat Saad
[3] Ahmad Zaini Affandy Mat Yusof
Information Literacy for Social Justice: Three Years of Teaching Data [1] Lua Gregory
[2] Shana Higgins
United States
Info Hunt [1] Norshahila Hashim
[2] Shahizan Affandi Zakaria
[3] Mohd Nazjrul Fahmi Johari
Indigenous Route and Extra Stops!: Mobile Library Connecting and Empowering a Lifelong Learning among Marginal Groups [1] Mohamed Aizammuddy Mohamed Idris
[2] Suhaimi Sarijan
[3] Nurul Hidayah Che’ Man
Improving the repository environment management system to deal with air pollution and harmful gas [1] Kwi-Bok Lee
[2] So-yeon Park
South Korea
Improving fish farming and productivity in Sapele community and its environs [1] Friday Imoni-Atebefia Nigeria
Importance of historical landscape: Visualize data using Geographic Information System [1] Maria A. Jankowska United States
I-LEARN: A model for library instruction [1] Lee-Yen Han United States
I’m in Your Heart [1] Kamil Naimi Malaysia
I am already a reader – Book for First Grader [1] Lenka Pruckova Czech Republic
Humanization: Youth Library of the Komi Republic [1] Olga Taracheva
[2] Aleksandr Orman
Russian Federation
HumanCentered Design in Libraries – the Nordic/Baltic Approach. A friendly hack of the Toolkit for Design Thinking in Libraries, tweeking the methods with the creative constraints of diversity and sustainability – Designing with both People and Planet [1] Andrea Hofmann
[2] Helene Schvartzman
[3] Vaida Gasiūnaitė
[4] Ieva Šakėlaitė
Sweden, Denmark & Lithuania
How we connect and empower the libraryfield in Hässleholm and Vaggeryd Public library in Sweden [1] Anette Mjöberg
[2] Lo Lo Claesson
How to Increase Climate Change Literacy among the Long Island Librarians by using Role-Play Simulations [1] Selenay Aytac United States
How to encourage small children to read in foreign languages: a project “Reading on pillows” [1] Maria Ponomarenko Russian Federation
How digitizing the past helps shape the institutional shared future. The case of digitizing the Students’ Publications of the American University in Bulgaria [1] Nikolina Ivanova-Bell Bulgaria
How are YOU Supporting Library Staff Members with Autism? [1] Lori Giles-Smith
[2] Emma Popowich
How a Library Preserves and Promotes Dialect [1] Fang Wang
[2] Juanjuan Wang
Here Comes the Bookmobile, New Places to Read in Taipei [1] Yung-Ju Gao Taiwan, China
He brought Shakespeare to 1.4 readers billion in China [1] Bing Xie China
Globalizing a Children’s Literature Collection: From Analysis to Implementation [1] Elizabeth Webster United States
Get shining stars connected into galaxy – Peking University Libraries Information Sharing Architecture [1] Yue Wu China
Gent Leest – The Ghent digital reading community [1] Nathalie De Neve Belgium
From “BIG DATA” to “Big Wisdom”:China Academic Digital Associative Library (CADAL) [1] Fei Xue
[2] Jie Li
Experimenting with automated metadata generation. Lessons learned at the KB, National Library of the Netherlands [1] Dorien Haagsma Netherlands
Experience the birth of a book: Let the traditional skills contained in ancient books “live” [1] Lu Xue China
Everything Old is New Again: The Literature Review as the Ultimate Workshop for Information Literacy [1] Sophia Leveque United States
Enhancing reading practices for seniors in libraries [1] Guillaume Duchier
[2] Vicky Pelkes
[3] Maïté Cabases
Engaging with young adults: Developing STEM-based programs [1] Ahmed Al-Malki Qatar
Encouraged to Lead, Empowered to Succeed: The Indiana Library Leadership Academy (InLLA) [1] Michele Fenton United States
Enabling innovation in libraries: NSK Digital Laboratory (DigiLab NSK) as the actuator of the digital revolution in Croatian libraries [1] Ivona Milovanović
[2] Dragana Koljenik
[3] Ivana Čadovska
Empty shelves: Publishing norms in the Arab World [1] Najlaa Alshahwani
[2] Jawhara Al-Abdulla
Empowering the Ability through Access to Library: Library for All [1] Razina Akhter Bangladesh
Empowering Teens through Critical Reading and Discussion: Exploring Race, Identity, and Social Justice [1] Robin Kear
[2] Tyrica Terry Kapral
United States
Embedding Continuing Professional Development and Reflective Practice in the LIS Curriculum [1] Paula Goodale
[2] Sheila Webber
United Kingdom
eBook/eAudiobook User Behavior Survey 2019: a data-driven response to Macmillan’s 2019 embargo [1] Tamara Meredith United States
Diversity & Inclusion in Action: How Book Discussion Forums Can Engage and Empower Library Personnel as Equity Advocates [1] Mollie Peuler
[2] Xiaorong Shao
[3] Margaret Gregor
United States
Digital Storytelling – Bridge between generations [1] Alina-Valentina Ocheană Romania
Digital literacy in the community and the role of libraries [1] Kate Rowe Australia
Development of a child-centred taxonomy [1] Hui-Yun Sung
[2] John Siraj-Blatchfordm
Taiwan, China & United Kingdom
Design Thinking method as a tool in developing an IoT based Smart Library System and a mobile application for patrons in the National and University Library in Zagreb (NSK) [1] Ivana Čadovska
[2] Dragana Koljenik
[3] Sofija Klarin Zadravec
Datataiturit– DataWhizzes [1] Mari Annika Vuorinen
[2] Hanna-Leena Majuri-Jantunen
DAISY Project in Egypt for Literacy Promotion and Arabic Speaking Persons with Print Disabilities [1] Hiroshi Kawamura Japan
Cultivating Team Teaching: Unblocking the Pipeline for Student Success [1] Jo Monahan
[2] Judi Bradetich
United States
Cross Border Resources Sharing [1] Norshahila Hashim
[2] Norfardilla Mohd Nor
[3] Shahizan Affandi Zakaria
Critical Review and Suggestion of the Reading Club Activities based on Public Library Support in South Korea [1] Eun-Ju Lee South Korea
Creating, operating, learning and developing TOGETHER [1] Anneli Haapaharju
[2] Heli Muhonen
Countering Digital Polarization and Advancing Civic Information Literacy with SIFT [1] Polly Boruff-Jones
[2] Yan He
United States
Cork City Libraries as a Play Partner- the role of the public library service in supporting access to play for all [1] Eibhlín Cassidy Ireland
Connecting with the students: Free digital literacy skills in Northern Nigeria [1] Yahaya Abdullahi Isah
[2] Ahmed Adamu Abu
Connecting the Past to Present Research: Putting Public Domain Texts to Work [1] Mark Puterbaugh United States
Connecting Smithsonian Collections with Global Users: the Roles of Academic libraries and the Smithsonian’s Learning Lab [1] Kayo Denda
[2] Stephanie Norby
United States
Connecting islands:An integrated public library service system across urban and rural areas [1] Yunqian Sun China
Connecting Golden and Xuzhou: Sister Library Partnerships and Research at the Intersections of Scholarly Communications and Information Literacy [1] Brianna Buljung
[2] Emily Bongiovanni
[3] Shujuan Xu
[4] Zhenling Song
United States &
Community friend’s [1] Nazaleeza Hassan
[2] Saliza Rahman
[3] Zahir Yahaya
[4] Norafidah Muhammad Wirsat
Community Engaged Care: the development of a social determinants of health repository to enhance health sciences education and improve health outcomes [1] Ricky Fought
[2] Charles Snyder
[3] Leah Cordova
United States
Communities in Crisis: Libraries Respond to the Opioid Epidemic [1] Shelley Quezada United States
Communication between the past and present, Korean Newspaper Archive [1] Hyemin Seo South Korea
Collaboration between the Hezekiah Oluwasanmi Library and the Department of Fine Arts Obafemi Awolowo University: a synergy of creativity, utilization of library spaces and user satisfaction [1] Sunday Olurotimi Obadare
[2] Iwok Nnah Shabi
[3] Racheal Oyeranti Oyedapo
[4] Michael Olusegun Fajuyigbe
Children’s stories affected by their own language: A tool for teaching legal concepts [1] Khadije Moradi Iran
Children support sustainability [1] Farhad Shariatrad
[2] Farzaneh Baghizadeh
[3] Somayeh Soleimani
Building Public Library Business and Career Services from the Ground Up [1] Shannon Distel
[2] Joe Collier
United States
Building Family Branch in rural area: An action to create the literary village [1] Zizhou Wang
[2] Ge Zhang
[3] Xiaofang Zhang
Building a national public awareness and advocacy campaign for US libraries [1] Stephanie Hlywak United States
Bringing Bach to the Bronx [1] Ariana Kaleta United States
Bridges to anywhere – Skype book clubs [1] Kristi Veeber Estonia
Bibliotherapeutic Service with Picture Book for [1] Show Ru Taiwan, China
Bibliothek³: Library Events Network. State, Town, University and District Libraries form Partnership to Stimulate Discussion of Topics relating to Town and Country [1] Beate Sandmann Germany
BiblioFest as a Contribution to the Global Library Field [1] Valentina V. Brezhneva
[2] Albina S. Krymskaya
[3] Alena A. Katina
Russian Federation
BIBFRAME’s acceptance of IFLA LRM for Constructing Library Linked Data [1] Mihwa Lee South Korea
Be Read, Be Social (BRBS) [1] Wan Normanizah Mahamud
[2] Kamaliah Mohd
[3] Siti Nurbaya Abdul Karim
Be empowered: take the scary out of linked data [1] Angela Yon
[2] April Anderson-Zorn
United States
Automating the mining and analysis of citations to provide insights into resource use [1] Lee-Yen Han
[2] Jose I. Martin Cuesta
United States &
Saudi Arabia
Assistive technology [1] Marina Nedjic
[2] Mirjana Djapic-Pejovic
Assessing Women’s Knowledge and Access to Climate Change Information [1] Obianuju E. Nwafor-Orizu
[2] Ifeyinwa N. Okonkwo
Apron theatre [1] Saripah Suhaila Sultan
[2] Jariah Che Ain
[3] Haizatul Afni Bakhtiar
[4] Mohd Faizol Che Mohd Kasa
[5] Arny Hafizzah Ahmad Saidin
[6] Nurul Huda Zubair
Aligning Library Infrastructure to Meet the SDG Goals: A Case of the E. Latunde Odeku Library [1] Oluwaseun Obasola
[2] Josephine Igbeka
After 60 years, it’s probably time to evaluate… Content analysis of KVINNSAM – an interdisciplinary database for gender studies [1] Karin Henning Sweden
Advancing Technologies for Traditional Library Services: Utilizing Content Based Recommendation to Assist in Readers’ Advisory [1] Matthew Durward United States
Adapting Motivational Design for Learning to connect students with their major: A new framework for first-year library instruction [1] Paul Campbell
[2] Stacey Lavender
United States
Adapting and applying a Community Conversation methodology to connect and empower library associations, professional bodies and special interest groups with their communities for more effective outcomes [1] Jessica Bates Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Academic Libraries Supporting Intercultural Dialogue through Partnerships: The Case of Penn State University Libraries [1] Mark Mattson United States
A study on the current situation and problems of school librarians in Yokohama, Japan [1] Kyoko Takahashi Japan
A Practical Report on the Production Process of Multimodal Books and Their Contribution to Libraries [1] Nanami Matsuda
[2] Akihiro Motoki
A New Library Consept: Literature Museum Libraries and The Istanbul Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar Literature Museum Library [1] Faysal İnan Turkey
A crowd-sourcing APP for children to find books in the smart library [1] Ko-Chiu Wu
[2] Chung-Ching Liu
[3] Tzu-Heng Chiu
[4] Chun-Ching Chen
Taiwan, China
3Rs of cataloguing (review, re-think, redesign): re-engineering cataloguing processes for increased productivity and efficiency [1] Yen Wah Ho Singapore
18 Months and Counting: How the Ingalls Library Has Supported the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Open Access Initiative [1] Heather Saunders United States
“Reading Beibu Gulf” Library Study Tours [1] Yang Li
[2] BeiHai Library
#BecauseWeCare: Malaysian librarian involvement towards Marrakesh Treaty [1] Hamzah Mohd Faizal
[2] Hisham Ranita
[3] Saupi Udin Zanaria
“Open knowledge”, anyone can share one’s knowledge @ library [1] Arum Choi
[2] Mi Hee Han
South Korea
Score a Book !: Let families score (again)! [1] Jolanda Robben Netherlands
Supporting Librarians’ Roles in Emergencies and Natural Disasters [1] Denise Lyons United States

Posters & Photos from 2019 Poster Session in Athens, Greece:

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