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20 things Irish people say versus what they actually mean

There’s a lot of things we say in Ireland that make little to no grammatical sense. I like to think of it as a special little bond that we all have with each other, it’s cute.

To those who are not of Irish descent, it’s often a troubling time visiting Ireland. We are essentially speaking in tongues and they are left baffled and confused by what we are saying. I feel for them.

So, to help those non-Irish natives out, here’s a handy list to facilitate trying to decode our language.

1. “I will yeah”

Perception: Fantastic, this person is going to help me to the best of their ability.

Translation: I have absolutely no intention of carrying out that task whatsoever. Variation: “I will in my back”.

2. “She has some neck”

Perception: Wow, that lady has a fantastic connecting appendage between her shoulders and head.

Translation: She is a brazen and cheeky little wagon.

3. “That’s Grand”

Perception: That is something very impressive and luxurious.

Translation: It’ll do.

4. “A good bit”

Perception: A prime selection of something, the best part.

Translation: Loads. I want loads. Don’t skimp on me.

5. “The tea is wet”

Perception: A sarcastic and humourous remark about the texture of a beverage.

Translation: The tea has been made and is now ready for consumption.

6. “Will you have a mineral?”

Perception: Would you like a solid and naturally occurring inorganic substance?

Translation: Have you any desire for a carbonated beverage?

7. “I’m off to get a few messages”

Perception: This person is going to receive a means of communication from another person.

Translation: I am going shopping.

8. “Would you be well?”

Perception: How is your health at this current moment in time?

Translation: Only an individual that is lacking any real common sense would act in that manner.

9. “How bad?”

Perception: The person is worriedly inquiring as to the severity of the situation.

Translation: Things could be a lot worse. Relax.

10. “Any craic?”

Perception: Goodness. It appears this individual is looking to purchase narcotics.

Translation: I want to hear your most recent source of gossip, immediately.

11. “Go Away”

Perception: Leave the premises immediately.

Translation: I am in shock at what you are telling me, please stay where you are and continue talking.

12. “There’s your man now”

Perception: It appears that your spouse has arrived.

Translation: We were recently talking about that gentleman, and now he is here.

13. “You’re a scut”

Perception: You are the short tail of a hare, rabbit or deer.

Translation: You are a brazen little brat.

14. “She was throwing shapes”

Perception: The lady was propelling various objects at unsuspecting victims.

Translation: She was dancing in a very committed manner.

15. “That’s gas”

Perception: That is an air-like fluid substance which expands freely to fill any space available.

Translation: LOL, that is hilarious.

16. “I ate the head of her”

Perception: This individual is a cannibal who has ingested a human cranium.

Translation: I exchanged some very heated words with that lady.


The content is supplied by Ciara Knight (@Ciara_Knight)